Operating vessels from shore control center


Crew supported navigation

Expand vessel capabilities by integration of the Seafar control system and services.

  • Extend navigation time (crew working time restricitions)
  • Optimize crew time efficiency on board
  • Achieve optimal performance of your vessels


Crew reduced navigation

Operation of highly automated ships manned by reduced crews and the support of the Seafar Shore Control Center.

  • Operates vessels with reduced crew
  • Extend navigation time (crew working time restricitions)
  • Achieve maximum efficiency of your vessel


Unmanned navigation

Unmanned navigation with automated vessels on fixed trajectories, with the goal to increase the competitiveness of small sized vessels.

  • No crew onboard
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Expand time of operation
  • OPEX/APEX optimization

A major advantage of using remote support is that vessels can expand their operational time per year. In theory, having remote access to the vessels may also mean that operations could be controlled from anywhere in the world. Using remote support on demand creates a significant increase in operational efficiency. When all those hours are added up, downtime or idle time is dramatically reduced (up to 500 working hours per year). Seafar’s automation hardware and software components can be integrated on vessels up to 135m for inland and coastal navigation.

Automation trajectory



Seafar Vessel Control System consists of a range of robotic components that installs easily into any vessel, converting it from manual to robotic control.

The components work with the existing by-wire, mechanical, or hydraulic control system and link vessels to a Shore Control Center, allowing an licensed operator to simultaneously manage multiple vessels.


Remote controlled operation

Add cameras and software to upgrade from local control to shore control.

With shore control, operators enjoy improved safety and flexibility as they control vessels from the Shore Control Center


Full automation with SCC support

Transform your navigational operation with command & control software reinforced by the latest A.I. Enhance scalability by allowing one operator to handle a fully automated haulage system.

Full automation is the final step in the upgrade path. Operators monitor vessels where Seafar’s server-based command & control software handles tasking, path tracking, and critical vehicle functions.


Vessel Performance Analytics

Seafar Partner Portal

The Seafar Partner Portal provides insights in the Vessels performance, data can be visualized and analysed for optimal operational efficiency.

Partner portal