Seafar Remote Navigation

Semi-autonomous shipping

"Accelerating innovation to reach the full potential of shipping"


Seafar supports and operates automated vessels from a Shore Control Center. The captains in the Shore Control Center are supported by the latest technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The combination of vessel autonomy (navigation) and remote pilotage (support in maneuvers) is the key for the implementation of efficient smart shipping.

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Crew supported navigation

Expand vessel capabilities by integration of the Seafar control system and services.

Crew reduced navigation

Operation of highly automated ships manned by reduced crews and the support of the Seafar Shore Control Center.

Unmanned navigation

Unmanned navigation with automated vessels on fixed trajectories, with the goal to increase the competitiveness of small sized vessels.

The services are designed to support vessel owners and shipping companies, to optimize vessels on inland and coastal waters.

The company

Seafar NV is an independent ship management company, offering services to operate unmanned and crew-reduced vessels for ship owners and shipping companies. Via our Control Center we manage and operate unmanned and crew-reduced vessels, with emphasis on effective and safe operations.

Seafar is a front-runner in the development and operational integration of state of the art technologies for semi-autonomous and unmanned shipping.

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What can Seafar do to optimize my vessel?

Seafar performs a chargeless vessel system analysis for owners or shipping companies. The analysis provides a report with insights on the control system integration and a prognose on the optimization of the navigational process of your vessel.

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